Yat Siu presentation on our children’s wired future

ThinkBlaze presents Outblaze founder and CEO Yat Siu speaking on the topic of “Our Children’s Wired Future” for the Independent Schools Foundation Academy Parent Teacher Association. In the speech, Yat highlights the importance of three laws of technology (Moore’s Law, Kryder’s Law, and Nielsen’s Law) and discusses how technology influences children and how the technological generation gap impacts parent-child relationships. He has some suggestions for parents for coping with the consumption of rapidly changing technology, and gives some tips to help parents prepare their kids for a future in which technology plays an ever more dominant role.

Children grow up in a technological environment that is very different from that of their parents, resulting in a technological generation gap that raises communication barriers between generations. For example, younger generations tend to trust networking intelligence more than their older counterparts, whether it is requesting rides via Uber, renting out their homes through AirBnB, or borrowing/lending money on Lending Club. Many among the older generations struggle to understand the level of trust their children place in these services, a trust that is in fact based on thousands of individual user ratings and feedback that, in aggregate, form effective indicators of reliability.

With regards to family conflict arising from technology use and play, Yat suggests that parents should put themselves in their children’s shoes and attempt to understand their actions before instituting harsh measures like blanket bans or severe restrictions on tech. He suggests that parents should join their children in their activities of technological play and discovery, and provide guidance in their safe and effective use.

All this and much more in a fascinating and insightful presentation from Yat Siu, one of Asia’s most respected technologists and entrepreneurs, and also a father of three.

Main presentation: https://youtu.be/BkbdKjcwOZ0

Q&A Session: https://youtu.be/zRZXcpkLAFs